Bum Luck Cover

Book Recommendation: Bum Luck

Imagine a lawyer being upset when his client is found not guilty by a jury. That is the set up to Bum Luck by Paul Levine. Jake Lassiter is a former football player turned lawyer. He was not very good as an NFL linebacker and seems to be just slightly above average as an attorney.…

Book Review: Truth Always Kills

What happens to an officer when his word is crumbling around him? What if he is a homicide detective and gets a high profile case? He can’t just quit, but yet his head is stuck between this case and his family. Truth Always Kills is a novel by Rick Ollerman. Full disclosure I met Rick…

Shoot 'em up

Book Review: Shoot ’em Up

Janey Mack brings her amazingly funny Maisie McGrane back for a third thrill ride of a novel Shoot ’em Up. In this story, McGrane is, as usual, in over her head. As in the other books in this series McGrane uses her wit, sex appeal, and stubbornness to work the case.