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Fire Cop

When a cop becomes a vigilante, what will his partner do?

When Officer Ben Graystock becomes fed up with drug dealer Avery Spade’s ability to avoid arrest, he tries a highly illegal method to bust the criminal. Ben sets fire to Avery’s house along with other locations.

Officer Stuart Thompson is assigned to investigate these arsons. Thompson also happens to be Graystock’s close friend and partner at the police department. Soon fire investigation turns into a murder investigation.


Can Thompson figure out who the arsonist is and what will he do?

Cops and Stalkers

Cops and Stalkes.jpg

What does a cop do when an investigation puts him in the cross-hairs of the stalker he is hunting?

When officer Stuart Thompson is called to investigate a suicide something about the scene makes him think there is more to the case. As a skilled CSI, he sees the signs of murder. However, the command wants the case closed so officers can deal with a more important issue.

The college town he works for is under siege by a serial stalker. Thompson is pressured to close the suicide case and get after the stalker. Campus enrollment is down, and the bad press is making it worse. Police need to make an arrest before fear implodes the once tranquil campus community.

Can Officer Thompson ignore his gut instinct about a possible murder to focus on the stalking?

What about when the stalker targets Stu?


Perspectives, Volume I: An Emergency Medicine and Public Safety Anthology

A small-town cop, a paramedic and a nurse work feverishly to save the teenaged victims of a drunk driving accident. A medic sees himself in the face of an overdose victim and confronts his own demon of addiction as he, a cop and an ER nurse struggle to save just one victim of the opioid epidemic. 

You’ll read these stories and more in Perspectives, a collection of stories told from the unique perspectives of its three authors. These events are not fictional, but they may have happened at different times, with different patients, at different places. Each one of the authors has had patients just like these, in situations just like those described.


If you want to know what it’s like to live a day in the life of a paramedic, or a cop, a nurse, or a physician, you’ll enjoy reading Perspectives.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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