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Book Review: Murder Run by John Hunt

Murder Run is one of those books that the description does not do justice to. While the description for this book caught my eye and made me what to read it. The actual book ended up being much different and in a great way.

Soon after getting out of Prison Kyle goes on a night of drinking and chasing women. The next day he wakes up in a wooded area to find the woman he was

fooling around with dead. In all likely hood, he killed her.

The action quickly gets underway as Kyle is on the run from the police. However, it is not just the police he has to worry about. The girl he killed has friends willing to head into the woods. Unlike the police, these friends don’t want to take Kyle alive.

Without giving away any of the twists there is also someone else in the woods. Someone more dangerous than an ex-con, the cops, or a group of friends seeking vengeance.

Murder Run is a well-written page-turner. The first little bit was slowish but once it got into the story I needed to know what happened next. By about the halfway point I could not put it down. The last few chapters just speed by with action.

As this review started this book was not what I expected. However, it was a great read. I was very happy I picked it up and makes me want to pick up some other books by John Hunt.

You can order your copy of Murder Run here.

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